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<b>Timeshare Consumer Advisor</b> - Advising Timeshare Owners On Their Options

The greatest misconception most timeshare owners have is that their timeshare contract is a lifetime one. This is not true. Timeshare developers do not really want people to know how to exit their timeshare because their business model depends on keeping owners and their families in the system. Here are a few tips to getting rid of your timeshare.

Renting out the timeshare
This does not exactly get you out of the contract but, at least, it helps in sharing the financial burden. Renting out your timeshare is a good idea but it also comes with some setbacks. Most resorts have renting restrictions. Many resorts actively rent out available inventory. This means you’ll be competing with the resort to find interested renters. Many times, the resort where your timeshare is located would have many empty timeshares available for rent. This depresses the rental rate since the resort is more interested in filling the units than getting premium rental amounts.

Donate it
The responsibilities attached to timeshares can be overwhelming. Many owners think they can donate the ownership of their timeshares. Unfortunately, charities will not accept them. The problem is that your timeshare has an annual maintenance fee, and the charities do not want to pay the fees. You may be able to donate your paid-for week to a charity for their use. Of course, this does not help you get rid of the ownership and future fees. Donating a timeshare is not an effective strategy if you want to make any money out of it.

Pay someone to get you out of the timeshare
This is called a transfer. A timeshare owner simply pays someone to take over their timeshare along with all its responsibility. The individual would then continue the payment of the annual maintenance fee while the original owner of the timeshare is relieved of the burden. It’s a very simple approach but it is important to ensure that you work with an experienced timeshare elimination company. Are you looking to get out of your timeshare contract? Then, speak to experts with a seamless track record. Contact TS Elimination today on 888-559-5660 or

Return it to the resort
Most resorts will not take back the timeshare. Their business model is to sell out timeshare resorts, then collect the maintenance fees in perpetuity. The more resorts they sell out, the more maintenance fees they can collect. It is not in the resorts best interest to take back the ownership. The resorts do not want to pay the fees. Regardless of what you were told when you bought the timeshare, the resort in most cases is not interested in taking back the timeshare.

Sell it
Most owners wish they could sell their timeshares. When you purchased your timeshare you may have been told that someday you can easily sell your timeshare. The honest truth is that it is not easy to sell a timeshare. There are few buyers on the secondary market. Most people do not know where to start. Some check with family and friends. When acquaintances are not willing to buy the timeshare, owners will try a listing company. Beware of these listing companies as they are not always successful. At most, 3% of listed timeshares ever sell. A quicker way out is by using a transfer company.

If you need professional help in terminating your timeshare contract, contact TS Elimination, LLC. on 888-559-5660 or

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