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<b>Timeshare Consumer Advisor</b> - Advising Timeshare Owners On Their Options
The best feeling you can have is the feel of home in different parts of the world. Knowing you can travel to another country or continent and still have the luxury you want or even more than you visualized, becoming part of a community, being identified and accepted as a part of another culture even if you really are not can be really exciting. It seems to be the best vacation plan one can make. How do you make these plans and conveniently execute them?

The biggest vacation question in our time is the question of timeshare vs. a hotel. The idea of timeshares can be really tempting, knowing you can switch your timeshare for another location may appear to be the deal of the century. Timeshares seem to give you the opportunity to travel the world and explore. But is it as easy as these timeshare firms make it seem?

Vacation ownership is intriguing. Anyone who is spoken to about it would love to hop on it immediately, but the truth remains that it is not as rosy as it sounds. People who own timeshares want to get out of it and would gladly pick a hotel over a timeshare any day.

What does timeshare offer for vacation?

The average vacation owner would offer a unit at a resort or an attractive location for what seems to be a reasonable price. These apartments come with a room, a sitting room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. If you wish for more rooms, it can be arranged. Also, the level of luxury you wish to enjoy can be provided for you. To most families on a budget, this is a very attractive offer. Knowing they can cook most of their meals in the resort and save the extra money to do other activities is appealing. But do we really want to cook our meals during a vacation?

You must also put into consideration the fact that for every timeshare exchange, there is an additional fee attached to it apart from the original mandatory maintenance fee. A situation where a family cannot afford the additional cost means that they would be stuck with the same vacation location for years. Is this really worth it? Or, if the exchange is not available, then you could be stuck with limited options.

What do hotels have to offer?

Hotels have been underestimated since the outburst of vacation ownership. It is important to always remember that whatever your budget is, there is a hotel for you. Hotels do not have as many hidden charges as timeshares. You are free to travel to any part of the world without having to worry about the availability of a timeshare to exchange with. Hotels do not offer kitchen services because a large majority of vacationers do not intend to cook during their vacations. Another important thing to consider when picking between a timeshare and a hotel is their availability at the last minute. When you have an emergency situation or a last-minute booking, hotels are always open and can easily be booked. You cannot book a timeshare at the dying minute. It is not a last minute thing (Although, many resorts now rent out their unused inventory. You can find great deals at Many people can find timeshares for less than their annual maintenance fees)

Deciding between the vacation ownership and a hotel is tricky. Everything that goes into a vacation ownership must be put into consideration. Timeshares are not as straightforward as hotels are. There are also not as many restrictions and rules in hotels as there are in timeshares.

All these must be put into consideration while picking between a timeshare and a hotel. If you already have a timeshare, and you’re looking to exit your timeshare contract, then, contact TS Elimination on to get started.