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<b>Timeshare Consumer Advisor</b> - Advising Timeshare Owners On Their Options

Are timeshares really worth it?

In our world today there is the constant non stop chatter about timeshare. Most of us have been approached by timeshare sales representatives who would not stop chattering about how wonderful timeshare is. They tell us how good it would be to visit our dream vacation every year and if we get bored of the timeshare it is very easy to switch to a timeshare somewhere else. All of this they say without telling you the price.

Is the price not important to you?

Let us do a little break down of timeshare. So you purchase a property which you cannot exactly call a property that you own for an average price of $19,000 (which is a lot of hard earned money) for a week every year. You then pay the developer a maintenance fee of $800-$1000 every year (the average price) for the same property which would be used one week every year. How does this make any sense? You literally pay twice for the timeshare every year. The sad part about this is whether or not the timeshare is used you pay for it. Where is the sense in that?

Timeshares are ridiculously expensive. Real-estate lawyers or property lawyers would not advise you to get a timeshare. It is a total rip off. You spend so much and you don’t really get the value for all the money that you put into the purchase of a place that is not really yours. Worse they make you pass it on to your children so it becomes a liability to them too. Why make your vacation become a liability to you? Vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing, it’s supposed to help you get away from all the money worries and not take you right to the heart of it.

If you still think timeshares are worth it,  that’s not a problem. I just hope you also think about why so many people get scammed while trying to get rid of their timeshare,  or why someone would sell a timeshare which originally worth $120,000 for as little as $1.00! Still does not make sense? They are despirate to leave. I’m pretty sure they were as confident as you are right now.   They thought that timeshares were really worth it, and when they got into the prison and financial problem called timeshare, they wanted to run out of it faster than they got into it. They are extremely desperate to get out. To me, that says a lot. Why would I want to get into something that thousands of other people are trying their very best to run out of.

Only a tiny percentage of timeshare owners actually maximize the use of their timeshare. This is probably because they have good background knowledge of a timeshare and know exactly how it works or they are just great negotiators. The honest truth is, if you think you can afford a timeshare you probably can’t.  Even if you know you can afford it comfortably for the next 10 years, that assumes your current finances will not change in the future, it is still not worth it.  If you can’t tell the future, then don’t purchase a timeshare.